Collection notice & cookie policy.


Effective: 9th April, 2018

Collection notice.

We, Holiday Rescue Ltd, will collect some of your personal information if you visit our site or when you apply for insurance cover. Details of what kinds of information we collect, how we use it, share it and protect and manage it, are all in our privacy policy. When you use this website, you agree we can use cookies as described in our cookie policy below.

Read our privacy policy too (please).

In our privacy policy we explain that we require personal information for everyone you want to insure on your policy so that we can issue and manage your policy.

Read our privacy policy to find out more about:

  • Our commitment to protecting your privacy
  • Information we collect, and how we use it
  • How your information is shared
  • Overseas disclosure
  • How we keep and protect your information
  • What are your responsibilities as the policy holder
  • How you can manage information about you
  • What happens if you don’t provide some information
  • If you have questions or concerns

Cookie policy.

This cookie policy gives information about the cookies used on our website.

To remove current cookies, or control the types of cookies on your computer or device, please refer to ‘How to control cookies’ below.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is given to your computer by a website (because cookies are for sharing).  Cookies store information about how you use our website – not the information you give us about yourself when you get a quote or buy a policy from us. They are used because websites don’t store this kind of information themselves.

Some cookies are only used for the current visit to a website, and they expire as soon as you close the browser.

Other cookies stick around a little (or a lot) longer. They remember your last visit, and send a new cookie back to the original website each time you go back, and any other websites that can read the same type of cookie. This way, the website can track your movements and personalise your experience both on the website, and with online advertising. You need to manually delete these cookies if you don’t like them.

All cookies self-destruct after a while. If you want to get rid of them sooner keep reading.

Details we get when you visit us (our website).

Cookies can only collect six types of information.

  1. The cookies name.
  2. The cookies value.
  3. When the cookie self-destructs – how long the cookie sticks around in your browser.
  4. The web pages that the cookie can be used on (only these pages are active for the cookie).
  5. The domain that the cookie is used on (if the cookie is active across multiple servers on one domain).
  6. If they need a secure webpage to work (our pages are secure so you’re covered here).

When you use our website, we collect information using cookies, and sometimes your email address if you ask us to send you a quote. We collect more details when you buy a policy, but again that’s all covered within our privacy policy.

So if you’re just “visiting” to check us out, or reading travel insurance tips, we may give your browser one or more cookies. Information from you when you are a website visitor is not shared with anyone else, we use it to review how we could make our website better, and get an idea of what content, ads or links from other sites are delivering visitors to us.

However, your personal information may be disclosed to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (if you make a complaint), government bodies, regulators, law enforcement agencies and any other parties where we are required to by law.

Cookie types.

Strictly Necessary cookies – these are literally “necessary” cookies. They’re designed to make your experience of our website smooth, and hassle-free. There’s a long technical explanation, but what you need to know is they make buying a policy better, and if you block all cookies you may have some problems using our site.

The good news is that these cookies are ‘safe’ in that they don’t follow you off the site, and don’t collect any information for marketing.

Performance cookies – this is more about our ‘performance’ than yours. These cookies collect the number of visitors to our website, and how people interact with our website – like which pages are popular, what pages you might leave immediately (so we can see there’s something we need to fix).

We can’t tell who you are with these cookies, they just give us numbers of users and interactions we can use to decide where our website could be improved.

Functionality cookies – putting the “fun” back into web cookies (we specified because chocolate chip cookies have always been fun). Created to recognise if you’ve been here before, and remember your preferences, they generally save you time and give allow us to show you personalised offers.

Advertising/targeting cookies – these are the ones everyone loves to hate. These cookies can behave a little like a CSI profiler. They recognise you online and create a file about what you do, and where you go online. These are the cookies that help ads (including ours) find you on Google and other websites. We may share information collected by these cookies with third parties such as Google, unless you disable or block cookies.

How to control cookies.

If you want to disable or block cookies on your device, you may find parts of our website won’t work. However, that’s your choice and you can do this anytime by changing the cookie settings in your browser.

Here are a few links how to control cookies with popular browsers:

If your browser isn’t listed above, try About Cookies or google (or search if you don’t google with Google) the name of your browser and “cookies”.

Personal details about us.

To even the score a little, we thought we’d share some of our personal details too – with you.

So here are a few things about us, which you may not be able to find easily online:

Craig enjoys running Holiday Rescue, sailing and large flat whites.

Lian loves camping by the sea with family, reading Brené Brown and likes peanut butter ice-cream.

Shaun spends his spare time juggling kids, a long Netflix list and drinks small flat whites.

Amy hangs out at the beach with her dog and family in tow and also likes peanut butter ice-cream.

Anne becomes other people on stage, in web series and short films – and only drinks decaf flat whites.

Our contact details are:


Now that you’ve read all of this, we think you should grab a coffee or tea and reward yourself with one of your favourite cookies. If you have any questions feel free to email us anytime.