What am I covered for under “Holiday cancellation & changes”?


What if something happens before I go?

Imagine you’re planning to take the kids for the ultimate beach holiday in Fiji, but one of the kids breaks their leg three days before you’re due to leave.

One option is to cancel. In that case, we would pay your claim for your non-refundable holiday bookings and cancellation fees.

Another option is to re-book your holiday for another time, after the broken leg heals.  In that case, we would pay all of the costs relating to changing the dates of the holiday.

The good news is that you’re covered for up to $50,000 per policy, for cancellation costs. So unless you’re cancelling an extensive round-the-world cruise, you’re unlikely to end up out of pocket.

There are some instances where the limit is reduced. Please see ‘How much am I covered for’ below.

What if something happens while I’m away?

Relax. There is also cover for you to make changes to your holiday while you’re away, if the unexpected happens.

What you need to know.

If you change your holiday arrangements multiple times for the same reason, we’ll only pay for the costs of one of these changes.

If we pay a claim for the cancellation of your entire holiday, your policy ends. If you plan a new, or replacement holiday, you’ll need to buy a new policy.

You can’t claim costs that you’ve paid on behalf of any other person, unless that person is named on your certificate of insurance.

You won’t be covered if you:

  • Don’t check that your bookings are correct.
  • You’re not allowed into a country or onto scheduled transport. This includes if you don’t have or carry the required visas, passports or travel documents with you.
  • You don’t check-in or board in time for your flight or any scheduled transport.
  • You don’t have a confirmed seat or booking.
  • Need to return early because your employer or education provider has said “you have to”.

How much am I covered for?

You’re covered up to $50,000 per policy for holiday cancellation or changes due to an unexpected event, but there are some conditions and sub limits.

If your claim relates to the health of someone with an existing health condition who’s not listed on your policy, we’ll pay up to $5,000 per policy. For more about this, please refer to “What if a family member is sick?

If your claim relates to the health of someone on your policy that’s more than 20 weeks pregnant, the maximum we’ll pay is $20,000. For more about this, please refer to “Do you cover pregnant women?

If your claim relates to the health of someone on your policy whose pre-existing conditions are excluded from cover, the maximum we’ll pay is $20,000, provided it’s not caused or related to one of their excluded conditions. For more about this, please refer to “What if my conditions are excluded?

For the full policy wording with all details, please read ‘Section 4: Cancellation & changes to your holiday’ in the PDS.