Am I covered if my accommodation booking is cancelled?


If you’re eligible for any refunds or credits from the provider that cancelled on you, they would be deducted from the amount we pay on your claim.

However, you won’t be covered if the booking is cancelled because the accommodation provider made a mistake. For example, if they overbooked or double booked the accommodation sohad to cancel your booking. As they made the error, it is their responsibility to compensate you.

You also won’t be covered if you make a mistake – for example accidentally booking the wrong dates. So please be careful and double check the details are correct when you book and pay for any part of your holiday.


What if it’s Airbnb that cancels my reservation?

You’re still covered just as you are with any other accommodation provider. So you can still enjoy exploring the world from the unique properties that Airbnb offers.


What you need to do if your accommodation booking is cancelled.

  1. Contact the provider for a full refund, or to transfer your booking to other suitable accommodation if they offer that. If you’ve booked through Airbnb, they say that you can choose either a full refund or to accept an alternative accommodation option if a host cancels a reservation.
  2. If you book replacement accommodation, book somewhere of the same standard that you originally booked, because upgrades are not covered. For example, if the original accommodation was a one star backpackers that cost $100 per night, we would not cover alternative accommodation at a five star hotel for $1,000 per night.
  3. If there is a difference between what you originally paid and what you ended up needing to pay for alternative accommodation, then you can claim for this.
  4. Make a claim for the higher amount of either the unused prepaid costs, or the additional costs you had to pay for the alternative you booked. Please note there is a $100 excess on all cancellation claims. That would be deducted from any claim payment made to you. For more about what an excess is click here, or you may find ‘how to make an express claim’ helpful, and check out this page for more about what ‘holiday cancellation and changes’ covers.

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