What does “delayed to a special event” cover me for?


If you are left stranded after being diverted to a different railway station, your flight delayed, or the ferry was just cancelled, then you can arrange alternative transport to get there in time – up to the the value of $5,000 per policy.

Keep in mind, this is designed for when scheduled transport (that you booked and pre-paid) let’s you down, not the local bus service or chartered flights! It also doesn’t cover you getting to your own wedding on time, if you forgot to book the taxi, limo or arrival by helicopter, (but it would cover you getting to your own wedding on time if you had booked a scheduled flight and the replacement flight wasn’t due to arrive in time).

What you need to know.

  • It must be for a concert, sporting event, wedding or funeral that can’t be rescheduled.
  • We’ll pay up to $5,000 per policy, for alternative transport that will get you there on time, provided it’s a reasonable cost given the situation and available options. (So if your pre-paid scheduled train was cancelled, you could hire a taxi or a rental car instead, but a helicopter would seem unreasonable if you can drive there in time).
  • If the airline (or transport provider) that was responsible provides some compensation, whatever they pay or refund you will be subtracted from the claim payment we make to you.
  • You can’t claim twice for the same event (event that caused your delay), that means if you make a claim for both “Holiday cancellation and changes” and “Delayed to a special event” because your flight was cancelled, we will only pay for one of these. So if the delay caused more disruption to your holiday and you need to claim for more costs than just “alternative transport to a special event”, it would be best to claim for all of your costs under “Holiday cancellation and changes”.

What you need to do to claim for this benefit.

  1. Ask for credits and refunds from the airline (or transport provider) responsible for the delay, cancellation or diversion.
  2. Get written confirmation from the airline (or transport provider) to prove it happened, confirm whether you are entitled to compensation (and how much) from them – and why if you are not entitled to any – and make sure you include this with your claim.
  3. Provide proof of the place, date and time of the special event with your claim.
  4. Keep receipts for any costs you are charged for alternative transport, and provide these with your claim.

Note: An excess of $100 applies per event, per policy (not per person). For more information about what an excess is and when it applies, check out “What is an excess and when do I have to pay it?”.

You’re not covered if…

The delay, diversion or cancellation was caused by the financial collapse of a transport provider.

If your claim is caused by terrorism, or the threat or perceived threat of terrorism.

If your claim is caused by a notified pandemic or epidemic, whether they are confirmed or suspected by the Australian Government or the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Q. How much proof do you need?

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