What does “emergency dental” cover me for?


What you need to know.

  • Emergency dental covers every person named on your policy for up to $500 each, even children who are travelling on the policy with you for free.
  • This must be for an unexpected new pain, or an event that has suddenly caused you pain.
  • You are only covered for dental treatment overseas, there is no cover for dental treatment at home, after you return from your holiday.

What you need to do to claim for this benefit.

  1. Keep receipts or invoices for the cost of your dental treatment, and provide these with your claim.
  2. Provide proof you have paid for the treatment, like a credit card statement showing the name of the dental surgery.

Note: An excess of $100 applies per event, per policy (not per person). For more information about what an excess is and when it applies, check out “What is an excess and when do I have to pay it?”.

You’re not covered if…

It’s for a toothache you had before you went on holiday.

You are going on holiday for cosmetic dental procedures or treatment.

You’re on a domestic policy, travelling within Australia. This only covers the overseas Comprehensive and Essentials policies.


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