What does "emergency medical" cover?


Emergency medical.

We hope this doesn’t happen to you, but if you do become unexpectedly ill or you’re injured, there’s cover for emergency medical treatment, advice and medications, and to transfer you to an appropriate medical facility.

Emergency companion.

If you’re a solo traveller and are going to be hospitalised for 11 days or more, or you’re stuck in hospital for medical treatment, and your children (dependants aged 17 or under) will be left unsupervised – we’ll arrange for a companion to join you.

We’ll pay for an adult (of your choice) to fly economy return from Australia to the location where you’re hospitalised. We’ll also cover (reasonable) costs for their accommodation, meals and other transport needs so they can help you, and look after your kids.

Emergency medical evacuation.

If our medical experts decide you need to be evacuated to another hospital for urgent care, or back to Australia for treatment or to recover, we’ll organise all your medical assistance and transport. Our network of air ambulances, medical specialists, consultants and nurses are all trusted partners, so we can assure you that you’ll get first-rate medical assistance from the moment we know about your situation.

What you need to know.

If your pre-existing medical conditions were excluded from cover under your policy, the maximum we’ll pay for “Emergency medical” claims relating to you is $20,000.

If you’re more than 20 weeks pregnant, the maximum we’ll pay for “Emergency medical” claims related to you is $20,000.

We won’t pay any additional overseas medical costs if we need you to return to Australia for ongoing medical treatment, and you choose not to go.

What you need to do.

Contact our emergency assistance team as soon as possible if you:

  • are admitted to hospital.
  • need surgery.
  • need treatment that may cost more than $1,000.

If you’re hospitalised, keep a copy of the discharge summary, so you can provide it with your claim.

Keep receipts for any medical costs and submit them when you claim.


You won’t be covered if…

  • You don’t follow our medical advice or recommendations.
  • You get specialist treatment or advice without referral from a registered doctor, unless we approve it in advance.
  • You get private medical treatment if that treatment is available under a Reciprocal Health Agreement.
  • You can’t prove your costs, and if it’s to pay you back, if you can’t prove you paid them.

For the full terms and conditions, refer to “Emergency medical” on pages 12-13 of the PDS.