Funeral costs cover.


Funeral costs.

There is cover for costs of a funeral in your holiday location, or to return their remains to Australia, for up to $15,000 per deceased. This includes cover for reasonable costs for an immediate family member to travel to the location to accompany the remains, and return, on an economy flight, so they can assist with the arrangements.

What you need to know.

  • There are no exclusions to this cover.
  • There is no excess.
  • We won’t return their body to any country other than Australia.

What you need to do.

Contact our emergency assistance team as soon as possible, and we will help you with arrangements to either bring your loved one back home, or to confirm cover for costs if you want to arrange a funeral.

When you claim, you need to provide a death certificate and receipts for any costs. If you don’t have a death certificate, we can help you to obtain one.


For the full terms and conditions, refer to “Section 3: Funeral costs” on page 14 of the PDS.


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