How much proof do you need?


The burden of proof.

In other words, we need some documentation or proof that you owned your stuff, and that you actually travelled in the first place. So when you submit your claim, you can help us help you by proactively providing proof of ownership. We promise to presume that you’re one of the honest ones, but you’ve got to help us by at least meeting us in the middle.

We make it as easy as possible.

No one reasonably has receipts for their shoes and underwear, and we understand that, but if you had a new suit or cocktail dress in your suitcase worth $1,500, you’ll need to provide some proof of ownership or a receipt.

The best way to get your claim resolved and paid promptly is to fill in the online claim form as best you can. Don’t leave things out, and tell us everything that you can remember about the unexpected event. We will consider every event to be unique in the circumstances. We know your claim is important to you. We will treat it that way, too.

But don’t push it.

Resist the temptation to inflate your claim! You’d be amazed how easy it is to catch people adding things to their suitcase when making a claim, and we have all manner of human and automated tools to analyse property claims to see if anything looks suspicious. If you’re going on a two week surfing holiday to Bali, we’re going to ask you why you had, and are claiming for, the two brand new Hugo Boss suits in your suitcase.