How do I get a quote and buy a travel insurance policy?


How to get an instant travel insurance quote for your holiday:

  1. Click “get a quote” from the homepage, or just click this link to open the page in a new window.
  2. Enter the names of all of the different countries you plan to visit.
  3. Give the date you will leave home to start your travels, and the date you plan to return home.
  4. Type the ages of each adult traveller for the age they are now.
  5. Click the ‘get a quote’ button.
  6. Review the policy details on the left hand side, make sure they’re all correct, and if you’re going on a cruise (that’s staying more than one night on a boat) select the ‘going on a cruise’ button.
  7. That’s your quote for your policy premium! If you want to email so you can come back and purchase later, there’s an option to do so on the left side of the page.

Please note: If any travellers have pre-existing conditions and you want to know whether they’ll be covered and how much that cover would cost, you’ll need to continue as if you were buying a policy now. So follow the steps below to buy a policy, and once you have completed all of the medical assessments, you can email yourself a quote including pre-existing condition cover, or continue to purchase if you’re ready to.


How to buy a travel insurance policy:

  1. Follow the steps above to get a quote, and if you’re travelling overseas, decide whether you want the Comprehensive or Essentials policy. Make sure you select ‘going on a cruise’ underneath your option if you have a cruise booked first, then select the “buy” button for the policy you want.  
  2. Read the important stuff “things you need to know”, and make sure you’ve checked the PDS before you agree to each of the statements. And if you agree, click yes to continue.
  3. Enter the details for each traveller, don’t forget to add any children travelling with you who are 17 or under (just click “add dependants”).
  4. Answer a few simple questions about each person’s health. If you or they have a pre-existing condition, you’ll be asked to complete a medical assessment.
  5. Click ‘start medical assessment’, then enter the name of your medical condition. Most conditions will have a series of questions with either yes/no, or multiple choice answers. Once you’ve declared all your conditions, select “finish”.
  6. That’s when we confirm if we can offer you cover for your conditions, and what the additional premium will be to cover them. If you’re happy with the outcome, just click continue.
  7. Almost there! When you get to the payment screen, you’re just one step away from confirming your travel insurance policy. All you have to do is complete your credit card details on screen, then click the “confirm and pay” button.
  8. Success! You can download a copy of your policy documents from this confirmation page, or you can wait a few moments for us to email them to you.


FAQs on getting a quote and buying travel insurance.

Do I have to list all of the countries I’m visiting?

Yes – if you don’t you won’t be covered for anything that happens while you’re in the country not listed, or for any non-refundable deposits relating to your holiday in that country. There are some countries we don’t offer cover for as a “Do not travel” or “Reconsider your need to travel” advisory has been issued by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, or we can’t provide first-rate emergency medical assistance there.

Can I just tell you the dates I want cover for?

No. Your travel insurance is only valid if you have cover from the date you leave home, until the date you plan to be back home. If your plans change while you’re away, just let us know what your new return date is before your original end date is up. Click here for more on how to change your policy dates.

What age do I enter – the age I am now, or the age I’ll be on my holiday?

The age you are now. That goes for all travellers, including children aged 17 or under travelling with you. So even if your child turns 18 before you go on holiday, they’ll travel free with you if you buy the policy while they’re still 17 years old.


For more frequently asked questions about buying a policy, how to amend a policy, and making a claim, check out our Questions page.


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