What am I covered for with luggage delay?


What you need to know.

  • Each person that is affected by the luggage delay has up to $500 cover to buy essential items.
  • If the airline (or transport provider) that was responsible provides some compensation, whatever they pay or refund you will be subtracted from the claim payment we make to you – sorry but you can’t get money back for the same thing twice!
  • An excess of $100 applies per event, per policy (not per person). So if you’re a family of 3 and your suitcases are mislaid from the same flight for 24 hours, you can claim for a maximum of $1,500 for essential clothing and items (for the 3 adults or kids involved), and a $100 excess will be deducted from the total claim payment.

What you need to do.

  1. Seek compensation from the airline (or transport provider) that’s responsible for the luggage delay first.
  2. Get the airline (or transport provider) to confirm the details of your luggage delay, that is, how long the luggage was delayed for, what compensation you’re entitled to as a customer from them, and how much they’ve paid you in compensation.
  3. Keep receipts for any essential items you purchase, and include them with your claim.

You’re not covered if…

You’ve just arrived back home in Australia and your luggage is delayed. Given you’re back at home, or almost home, the good news is you’ll have access to all the rest of your clothing and essential items that you didn’t take on holiday!