More than 20 weeks pregnant on holiday FAQs


I’m going to be more than 20 weeks pregnant during my holiday, so what am I covered for?

If you’ve had no pregnancy complications before you buy and before you leave on holiday, your cover for emergency medical, and holiday cancellation and changes is limited.

Your emergency medical cover is limited to a maximum of $20,000 for your health, including your pregnancy. So that means if you are in an accident, and your medical costs came to $35,000, you would need to pay $15,000, as it would be over the amount that you were insured for. Remember that regular antenatal check-ups, childbirth and any costs for the care of a newborn are not covered under your policy at anytime.

Also cancellation and changes to your holiday due to your health is limited to $20,000. So whether you need to make changes or cancel because you break your leg, or develop pregnancy complications, your cover is limited. Whereas if you need to cancel or make changes because there’s a natural disaster, or your partner broke their leg, then there is cover on your policy for up to $50,000.

I have a pregnancy complication (or pre-existing condition) that’s covered, and I’ll be overseas when I’m 20 weeks pregnant. What am I covered for?

If we confirmed cover for your pregnancy complications (and any other pre-existing conditions) when you bought your policy, you will be covered under the standard policy terms up and for the 20th week of your pregnancy.

Once you are past the 20th week of pregnancy, you will have limited cover of $20,000 for any emergency medical costs which includes cover for your pregnancy complications (and any pre-existing conditions), and limited cover of $20,000 for costs to cancel or make changes to your holiday for any reason related to your health.

As our cover is limited from your 20th week of pregnancy, please think carefully about whether our policy is right for you.

What if I buy now and then something unexpected happens with my pregnancy and I can’t travel, am I covered up to $20,000 for cancellation?

Yes, as long as it is not caused by you going into labour, a common pregnancy symptom (like morning sickness), or regular antenatal care. So if you developed a pregnancy complication and your doctor confirmed your no longer fit to travel, you would have cover to cancel, even if your pregnancy was via IVF.

What if I go into labour when I’m away, do I have cover for any other hospital costs or care of the baby?

No, there is no cover at any time (before 20 weeks or after 20 weeks), for childbirth, or the care of a newborn. That includes no cover for you to change or cancel your flights.

We know it can be hard to plan for, but if you are travelling to a destination without a reciprocal health agreement, we’d recommend you consider thinking about travelling closer to home – or saving the big trip for when your little one is ready to travel with you.

Is there cover if I need to come home early because something happens with my pregnancy?

Yes, you have up to $20,000 cover provided the reason you need to cut your holiday short is not because you went into labour, suffered a common pregnancy symptom (like nausea), or for regular antenatal care.

So if you developed a new pregnancy complication while you were away, you would be covered to change your holiday plans to come home early, up to a maximum of $20,000.

I’ll be over 20 weeks pregnant on holiday, but I’m travelling in New Zealand, am I covered for my pregnancy with a domestic policy?

You will have cover for cancellation & changes to your holiday, but it will be limited to $20,000 for any claims related to your pregnancy and health, including for accidents and injuries.

Our domestic policy doesn’t provide any emergency medical cover, as you would be treated by our public healthcare service anyway.

Our cover is limited from your 20th week of pregnancy – please think carefully about whether our policy is right for you.