Personal liability cover.


What you need to know.

There’s cover up to $1,000,000 per policy.

If you’re liable for costs of more than $10,000, we need to confirm you’re legally liable first.

We’ll cover you for the costs you are liable for, up to the policy limit, and any legal costs to defend or settle the claim against you.


What you need to do.

You need to email us immediately at if you believe that you’re liable for costs relating to an accident or injury.

Obtain our approval first, before you hire a lawyer or pay for legal advice.

Speak with us first, and do not accept any fault or liability.


You won’t be covered if…

The property belongs to or the person involved is an immediate family member, or travelling with you.

It is caused by your use of a vehicle.


For the full terms and conditions, refer to “Section 7: Personal liability” on page 20 of the PDS.