How do I get a quote for my pre-existing conditions?

  1. Get a quote” and enter your main holiday details. (Tip: when you enter the ages for each adult traveller, use their current age even if they may be a year older when you travel).
  2. Select your policy type, and if you are going on a cruise.
  3. Enter the details for each traveller, don’t forget to add any children travelling with you who are 17 or under (just click “add dependants”).
  4. Answer a few simple questions about each person’s health. If you or they have a pre-existing medical condition, you’ll be asked to complete a medical assessment.
  5. Click ‘start medical assessment’, then enter the name of your medical condition. Most conditions will have a series of questions with either yes/no, or multiple choice answers. Once you’ve declared all your conditions, select “finish”.
  6. That’s when we confirm if we can offer you cover for your conditions, and what the additional premium will be to cover them.

Once you know what your conditions cost to be covered, you can check the total cost of your policy in the “Trip details” on the left side of your screen. If you’re not ready to buy right away, you can email a copy of the quote including your medical premium until you’re ready to buy.

If we’re not able to cover your medical conditions, please read “My pre-existing medical conditions are excluded. What does that mean?” for more details on what cover we can still offer you.

Q. What is a pre-existing medical condition?

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