What you need to know about snow travel insurance.


What does ski and snowboard insurance cover?

We cover you for skiing and snowboarding at a commercial ski field, provided you’re not trying to show-off too much by racing, or performing any acrobatics or stunts!

All Holiday Rescue travel insurance policies include skiing and snowboarding cover for:

Rescue and emergency medical treatment.

If you’re badly injured while skiing (or snowboarding) on a designated commercial ski field, and need to be evacuated off the snow slopes by stretcher, ambulance or helicopter to the nearest medical facility…we’ll cover the costs. If you need further medical evacuation back to Australia, we’ll bring you home too.

Ski & snow equipment.

If you have an overseas comprehensive policy, we’ll cover you up to $5,000 with a maximum of $1,000 per item if your ski equipment is stolen or damaged due to an accident, such as a fire. Remember you must take care of your items at all times. We don’t cover forgetfulness or carelessness – so make sure your equipment is secured when it’s not in use – and don’t leave it on show in the car!

Ski & snow bookings.

If you’re unexpectedly sick or injured so can’t use the ski field and lift passes or lessons you paid for in advance, we will reimburse you for the dates you weren’t able to use them.

Bad weather and avalanche closures.

If you have to cancel your holiday or move to another location because extreme and unexpected weather conditions cause the closure of the resort, slope and/or piste, we’ll reimburse you for either your unused non-refundable deposits, or the additional costs you incur to change your arrangements.

Other snow activities are also covered.

Other activities such as snowmobiling, ice skating, dog sledding and tobogganing are also covered, provided you are doing them with a commercial licensed operator, and you’re following all the safety guidelines. We don’t cover activities such as ice luging given the high risk nature of the activity – it is considered to be an extreme sport after all!

What you need to know.

  • You won’t be covered if you go off-piste or ski (or snowboard) outside of a designated commercial ski field.
  • You also won’t be covered if you are in areas that are not monitored, patrolled, maintained, or have been closed for any reason.
  • If you leave your skis unlocked and they’re stolen, but there was a commercial ‘lock ‘em up’ facility available, they won’t be covered.
  • You are not covered for any extreme winter sports.
  • Use common sense! If you participate in dangerous or reckless activities, or put yourself in unsafe circumstances – you won’t be covered.

Remember any racing, or performing any acrobatics or stunts is not covered!

Q. What does “emergency medical” cover?

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