What does domestic travel insurance cover?


Holiday cancellation & changes.

If you need to cancel your holiday because of an unexpected event, you can claim for your non-refundable deposits. If you have to cut your holiday short and return earlier than planned, or if you have to make a change to your holiday plans, you can claim for the additional expenses. 

Just remember, the changes must be caused by an unexpected event. This does not cover you changing your mind or deciding you don’t like your hotel – or if you are homesick!

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Alternative transport to a special event.

This is a biggie if you’re planning to attend a special event like a wedding, concert or sports game that can’t be rescheduled. So if an unexpected event occurs – and you’re going to miss the event because your booked flight or scheduled carrier is delayed, diverted or cancelled – we can help.

We will contribute up to $5,000 to cover the extra costs for alternative transport to get you there on time, provided the costs are reasonable. (As a general rule, we don’t pay for private charter planes or helicopters). Keep in mind, the maximum we pay is $5,000 per policy,so don’t get carried away! If in doubt, send us an email telling us the circumstances, and we will be able to confirm cover for you ahead of time. We know our customers often feel better when they have certainty and know what exactly what they are covered for.

Rental vehicle insurance excess.

If your hire car is unexpectedly damaged or stolen, we’ll pay up to $5,000 for the fee you get charged by the hire company, or the repair costs if they’re less.

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Personal liability.

This covers you for personal liability if an unexpected accident leaves you liable for the death or injury of someone, for the loss of property, or for damage caused to property.  There are some exclusions to this cover, like damage caused by a motor vehicle.

Hopefully you won’t ever need this, but if you did, at least you’d be covered for up to $1,000,000!

For more details, check out “Personal liability cover”.

Funeral costs or return of remains.

This might seem a little dark to think about, but if something happened to you that was unsurvivable, we’d cover the cost to get your body back home. It might not seem like an important reason to buy holiday insurance, but from being on the other side, we know it makes a difference to the family left behind. It doesn’t matter what caused the death – we will help you no matter what to meet your reasonable requirements with death certificates, repatriation of a casket, cremation, and funeral services.

What is not covered.

Domestic travel insurance does not provide cover for medical treatment. In Australia, you will be taken care of by Medicare, or your private health insurer if you have one. Emergency dental treatment is also not covered under a domestic policy.

We also don’t cover your stuff on a domestic holiday, but your things should (hopefully) already be covered in Australia by your house and contents policy.