What if I get sick before I go on holiday?


What happens?

We will assess the risk of this change to your health. This means we reassess any previously declared pre-existing conditions, together with your new illness or injury, to work out your total medical risk.

For the medical assessment, all you need to do is answer a few questions about each condition. If we can cover all of your medical conditions, there may be an additional premium to pay for the increased risk. Paying this additional premium means you will be covered for all unexpected events relating relating to your health, including all covered medical conditions.

Sometimes we cannot offer cover for a person’s medical conditions. This happens when your overall health risk is beyond what we are prepared to cover, or we are unable to assess your full risk because there are undiagnosed symptoms. If this happens, you can choose to cancel your holiday and make a claim under ‘Holiday cancellation & changes’.

But, if you still want to go on holiday, you can travel with a modified policy. In a modified policy, ‘Emergency medical’ cover is limited to $20,000 for the person whose overall health risk has increased. This limit applies to any claim related to their health except for those related to their pre-existing conditions, including accidents and injuries. There is also a sub-limit of $20,000 per policy for ‘Holiday cancellation & changes’ for claims related to their health, except for those related to their pre-existing conditions.

How do I know what i’m covered for?

If there is any update made to your policy, we will email the updated policy, or modified policy documents, to you. Any covered medical conditions and ‘Emergency medical’ limits will be listed on your certificate of insurance.

What you need to know.

If you don’t notify us of all changes to your health prior to the start of your holiday, we may refuse to pay all or part of a claim, or cancel your policy.