What is travel insurance excess, and when do I pay it?


No travel insurance excess for what really matters.

There is no travel insurance excess fee on any medical, personal liability or funeral claims. We think it’s important you get the help you need, when you need it. So we’d rather you check out that concerning virus with a doctor, if you’re worried. When you get back home, you can submit a claim and provided we have all the details we need, you’ll get your money back.

When do I pay a travel insurance excess?

You don’t actually need to “pay” the excess. The excess fee is taken out of, or deducted from, the total amount we pay you, if your claim is approved.

An excess applies to claims made for the following sections.

  • Holiday cancellation & changes.
  • Delayed to a special event.
  • Rental vehicle insurance excess.
  • Emergency dental.
  • Passports, travel documents & bank cards.
  • Luggage delay.
  • Personal items & cash.

How does it work – and how much is it?

If you make a travel insurance claim, we will assess your claim and subtract an excess of $100 per event, from the amount we pay you. So if you need to book an additional night at a hotel because your flight is delayed, and then you need to come home early because your grandmother is hospitalised, two excesses ($200) would be deducted from your total claim payment.

If you claimed for a stolen souvenir worth $75, you wouldn’t receive any money back since it is less than the $100 excess. Whereas we don’t charge any excess for medical claims, so you could submit a claim for a doctor’s appointment which cost $80, and receive a claim payment of $80.


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