What’s the point of holiday insurance?


Do I need holiday insurance?

You can’t plan for what you don’t know, but you can make sure that you have someone you can turn to for help. It’s a way of being prepared for the unknown so you don’t have to worry about all the “what if’s”.

A positive way to proactively manage what might happen, Holiday Rescue is a safety net for your holiday. If things don’t go to plan, we can help you and your family recover financially, in the case of an accident or sudden illness.

We’re also there to ease the fallout of those frustrating travel glitches when flights are cancelled, bags get delayed or you lose your passport.

Occasionally something bad might happen before you can even leave, like an earthquake or your dad is suddenly seriously ill. In those situations, we’ll be there to help you out too – so you can cancel or alter your trip – without losing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You never know what might happen – or when. So the best advice we can give you, is to get that holiday insurance as soon as you book your trip!