When does my cover start?


So it makes sense that you get travel insurance at the same time you pay, or start to pay, for your holiday. Whether it’s flights, advance hotel bookings, or a deposit for a cruise – they’re not cheap, so best to ensure you’re insured for them as soon as possible.

Imagine you’ve been planning a trip to Bali, you’re organised – you bought your flights and confirmed your resort booking – but figured you can get travel insurance later, as long as it’s before you leave. Then uh-oh, there’s another volcanic eruption (again), and it might impact your holiday. Can you still get cover for that event? Sorry, it’s too late! As soon as it becomes a likely event, and therefore not unexpected, you can’t get cover for it.

We want to protect your holiday, because holidays are special – and you deserve a great one! So hurry up and get your insurance sorted, then if something does happen, we can help you!


Q. What dates do I enter for my quote?

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Q. Can I extend my cover?

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