Why don't you have a phone number for me to call?


Better service.

This helps us to streamline our service to you, ensuring you get a meaningful and helpful answer, from someone who knows what they’re talking about. So instead of waiting forever on the phone in a queue, or being bounced around the various “departments” of a call-centre, you can message us and get on with your day. Meanwhile, our friendly team will ensure your message gets to the right person, and you get a response that makes sense. Plus we never have to put you ‘on hold’!

Lower premiums.

Your premium is lower because we don’t have a phone-based contact centre for general customer enquiries! But there is more to the story than just our commitment to keep your premium low. Here’s the background:

Phone-based contact centres are expensive! On average, each call can cost between $5-$15 dollars. But the real problem is that for phone-based contact centres, call recording is mandatory! Why is that? Because in those heated “he said, she said” moments, the customer or the company will not agree with what was said, so in 1 out of 1,000 calls, we have to pull the call, listen to the call, and then settle up. It’s a lot like CSI and detective work. To spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a call recording system is not fair to the vast majority of customers that never call, yet are affected because their premium subsidises those that do want to call.

Better protection, because it’s all in writing.

With an ’email-only’ contact centre, the beauty of the thing is that all conversations are in writing! No disputes, the customer has an email trail of everything that’s been said, promised, agreed, or otherwise resolved. And it’s more affordable to run, so there’s no need to raise premiums!

What if I have an emergency – can I call then?

Of course, we have a 24/7/365 emergency assistance number for…emergencies.  And we’re happy to help anytime, as the definition of ’emergency’ can vary depending on time of day, location, and the experience of the travellers. So call emergency assistance if you feel like you need it.

Otherwise, shoot off an email to us, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly we get you your answer, in writing, so you have certainty about our products and services.

Our emergency assistance number is +61 2 8004 6090, or if you’re in Australia it’s 1800 960 374. You can also SMS/text them on +61 488 863 244.


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