How long will it take to do a medical assessment?


After you ‘get a quote’ and have entered your details, you’ll be asked a few (‘yes/no’)questions to determine if you need to complete a medical assessment. If you do, just click ‘start medical assessment’, then enter the name of the first medical condition. Most conditions will have a series of questions with either yes/no or multiple choice answers. There are a few, however, that you don’t need to answer any questions for.

If you’re answering for yourself, you’ll find the questions easy to answer, as no one else will know the details of your medical conditions as well as you do. For that reason, if you’re answering on behalf of another traveller, it’s much easier to have them there with you, or on the phone with you, to answer each question as it appears. If you’re answering the questions on behalf of someone else, you’re responsible for the accuracy and completeness of answers relating to their health.

Once completed, we confirm if we can offer that traveller cover for those conditions, and the premium for those covered medical conditions is added to the total cost of the policy. We do it this way because it means that we are collecting premium specific to each travellers risk.