Hello, we're Holiday Rescue.


We’re focussed on holiday insurance because we believe your whole holiday matters, and holidays are so much more than just the travel required to get there and back.

Why choose us?

So what's different?

So what's different?

Our attitude and behaviour. We’ve turned everything that’s “insurance” upside down, so you get treated like a real person – instead of a policy number or problem.

When you need help, we call the closest of our first-rate rescue partners to get to you swiftly – we don’t waste time getting quotes and negotiating discounts when you need us.

When it comes to claims, we know insurance companies have a reputation for delaying and evading paying you. That’s not acceptable given you’ve paid for that service. So we make it as easy as possible to claim, we’ll be up front if something isn’t covered, and get back to you within 2 business days whenever possible.

We trust our approach, attitude and level of care make a difference, and if we genuinely look after you, you might just tell someone else about us…

We're here for you.
We're here for you.

You come first. We’re all about care and speed over cost. That’s why we treat you more like a friend than a policy number. It helps that we love holidays, and taking care of people.


We give you better value.
We give you better value.

Our premiums are low because we know how to be uncommonly efficient behind the scenes, and don’t need to fund a corporate juggernaut.


You don't need a lawyer.
You don't need a lawyer.

We write in plain language so you can understand our policies, what you’re covered for before you go, and what you get with us.


Underwritten by Hollard

The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Limited, is Holiday Rescue’s underwriter and our investment partner. A general insurance specialist insuring more than 7.2 million people, Hollard are well-established in Australia, and now in New Zealand.

We’re proud to be associated with Hollard, a company who chooses to work with partners “who are experts in their niche and who really care about their business and their customers”. Their other New Zealand partner is Ando Insurance.

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18 August 2018

Holiday Rescue clears the air

We wanted to share some information about who we are, and what our mission is for travel insurance in Australia, so adding links and content for you to check out as they’re published.

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