Can I buy travel insurance after departure?


Why can’t I buy cover after I’ve started my holiday?

There are different risks that need to be considered, and as we’ve chosen to keep our policy terms as straightforward as possible, we haven’t included the option for buying after your holiday has started. If we did, we’d need to add lots of extra conditions just for that – and we don’t like adding extra conditions. In our experience, we’ve found customers find the additional conditions and restrictions (often in fine print) confusing, and that’s not our style!

A few companies do offer travel insurance for those stuck in the same predicament that you are, but it’s important you read their PDS to make sure you understand the differences in their policy terms if you buy once you’re already on holiday.

Know what you’re buying if you do get cover after you’ve started your holiday (from somewhere else).

The main things to watch out for are if the benefits are limited, and what the ‘stand down’ or waiting period is. Often it’s a minimum of 72 hours. Even though you pay for those first few days, you usually don’t have the right to claim for some things – or in some cases anything – during the waiting period.

To be fair, that’s to help manage some people who may get sick or have something happen while they’re away and then think about getting insurance so they can cut their costs. It’s kind of like wanting to buy house (and maybe car) insurance after your garage is on fire. Obviously that’s not the way insurance is designed to work. It’s too late to buy protection for risks that you may be aware of or after they’ve already happened!

How can I find out where to get cover if I’m already on holiday?

The best place to start when you’re looking for other insurance options, is the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) at, or the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) at

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