Is holiday insurance the same as travel insurance?


You come first.

We care, because “we’ve been there”. On holiday with a loved one who became suddenly ill, or literally flying to join a loved one following an accident they had whilst on holiday. In those Grey’s Anatomy moments, you don’t care about anything but ‘your person’, or ‘your people’.

So at Holiday Rescue, we put people first – that means your stuff comes second. We still offer cover for your ‘things’ with the Comprehensive plan, however it is limited to a maximum of $5,000 per person, but not for accidental losses. Yes, we count kids as people too, so if they’re on your policy – their stuff is covered as well. We have also limited the amount you can claim for specific items within that section, but that’s because when we go on holiday, we generally leave our most precious and expensive items safe at home. I mean, if you’re going to Fiji for ten days to relax with your family, why would you take the family heirloom jewellry? Or an expensive laptop just to fill the keyboard with sand?

Besides, a holiday is usually about escaping the ‘everyday’ to relax, experience something new and recharge – so simplify life. Grab your phone, leave the kitchen sink, and go!