What cover can I get for my luggage and personal items?


When we cover your stuff.

We cover your things when they are damaged due to an accident or stolen due to an unexpected event that is outside of your control. So you won’t be able to claim for your designer sunglasses if you just forgot, and left them behind on the beach. But if for example you were mugged – that’s a very different story (provided you’re not the one who is doing the mugging). In a situation like that, you’d need to report it to the police (remember to include the sunglasses on the list of things taken) and give us a copy of the police report. When you feel up to it and ready to make a claim, the only other thing we’d need would be proof of the value of the item and that you owned it.

What you need to know.

  • We don’t cover you for forgetfulness, or carelessness. So we won’t pay your claim if you accidentally lost or damaged your stuff. This includes if you left anything behind in a hotel or your accommodation after you checked out, and any transport such as a plane or taxi.
  • If you don’t carry your wedding or engagement rings, watch, mobile phone or cash on you when you travel, you won’t be covered. Never store these important items in your checked-in luggage, an overhead locker, or under the seat.
  • The good news is each person listed on your policy is covered up to $5,000 each per policy. You can claim up to the item limit for the value of your lost, stolen or damaged items, less any compensation you receive.

Limits for individual items are:-

– Clothing, shoes & toiletries, $1,500 per person.

– Jewellery: wedding rings, engagement rings, and watches only, $2,000 per person.

– Mobile phones, electronic devices, $1,000 per person.

– Laptops and cameras, $2,000 per person.

– Other personal items, $1,000 per item, per person.

– Essential prescription medication, $500 per person.

– Cash, $250 per person.

There is an excess of $100 per unexpected event. So you won’t get any money back if you claim for one or more items that are worth less than $100 in total.

Essential prescription medication is only covered if you declared your pre-existing medical conditions.

You’re covered for theft, damage and loss of your essential prescription medication if you declared your pre-existing medical conditions before you left on holiday. As long as you declared your conditions, we’ll cover the costs you incur overseas to replace your medication, even if your pre-existing medical conditions were excluded from cover.

What you need to do when it happens.

  • If you discover that anything of yours has been stolen, you must report it to the police within 12 hours.
  • Get and keep a copy of the police report to submit with your claim.
  • Make sure you also report any theft to the hotel, transport provider or venue where it happened, and keep a copy of the report
  • If your mobile phone or device is taken or it’s unrecoverable, contact your mobile phone service company to block your phone and/or device, and ask them to send you confirmation they have blocked it.

What you need to make a claim.

  • Police report for stolen items, and copies of any other reports that give details of the event.
  • Confirmation from your mobile phone provider that your account or device was blocked.
  • Proof of ownership and value for the items you want to claim for such as receipts, jewellery valuations, or credit card and bank account statements showing items purchased overseas.
  • Proof you did travel overseas, such as a photo of your boarding pass showing your name and destination, overseas invoice or credit card statement, or ATM withdrawal on bank statement.

Scam alert.

There are some scams where the taxi drives away with your items in it. To ensure that you don’t get caught out, try the following tips:

  • Keep your most important items with you at all times, in the back seat instead of the boot, in a strapped bag around your neck or waist, in a money belt, or protected in a sealed or interior pocket.
  • If your suitcases are being loaded into the car boot, stay at the boot until all of the bags are loaded, keep a door open or get in quickly – so they can’t drive off without you. Count how many bags your have, and keep counting every time you make a move!
  • Stay alert! It’s easy to get distracted and have someone else swipe your bags from under your nose if you’re busy haggling prices with your driver.
  • When the driver stops, if you’re on your own, leave a passenger door open until you’ve been able to retrieve your suitcase so it’s not easy for them to take off with your bags!

The bottom line.

You are covered under our Comprehensive policy if your personal things are stolen or damaged in an accident because of an unexpected event that was beyond your control. So take good care of your items, and even greater care of the more valuable ones, just as you would normally if you were at home.

Cover for your things is not included with our Essentials or Domestic travel insurance policies.