My pre-existing medical conditions are excluded. What does that mean?


Sometimes we can’t offer cover for your medical conditions because your overall health risk is beyond what we’re willing to cover, or we’re unable to assess your risk because you have undiagnosed symptoms.

This means it’s highly likely that your medical conditions would result in a claim overseas, and no amount of premium would sufficiently cover that risk. We will, however, still offer you a policy, but on modified terms.

What do you mean by ‘modified terms’?

A policy with modified terms means:

  • your pre-existing conditions will be excluded from cover; and
  • your ‘Emergency medical’ cover will be limited to $20,000 (this only applies to you, not others listed on the policy with no medical conditions, or those with covered medical conditions); and
  • ‘Holiday cancellation & changes’ cover will be limited to $20,000 for any claims related to your health. The section cover limit of $50,000 still applies for claims unrelated to your health, and this is still the maximum amount we will pay on the policy under ‘Holiday cancellation & changes’.

How do I know what I’m covered for?

Your certificate of insurance will list any medical conditions that are covered or excluded, and if your cover is limited.

What you need to know.

If you don’t tell us about all changes to your health that happen before your holiday starts, we may refuse to pay all or part of a claim, or cancel your policy – so please don’t hold anything back.