When will I get my policy certificate?


If you haven’t received it at the email address you gave us within 10 minutes then:

  1. Check your junk or spam mail and any promotional mail folders – if it’s there, move it to your inbox and save it.
  2. If #1 wasn’t the answer, check you are able to send and receive email on that account. Sometimes email servers can fail temporarily, so it’s worth checking that your email account is connecting first. If it is, and you’re able to send and receive emails – then go to #3.
  3. If you’ve tried #1 and your emails are working as usual (#2), then email us. We would love to know the moment you have any problems, as if something’s not working for you – there’s a good chance other people may be affected too!

Of course, we can also help you if it turns out you accidentally mistyped your email address when you bought your policy. Just email us – so we can get right on it!